June 17, 2017

Formerly Known as Stamping Mama of 2

Hello Everyone!

I have recently made some changes to my blog. I have been pondering for some time now about changing my blog name and also will be doing so over at my Etsy shop. When I first started my blog I was only making cards and the name StampingMamaof2 worked well for me. As the years have passed and my passion for crafts has expanded into many other forms. I have finally decided on a new name for my blog. Living in Calgary, Alberta is a wonderful experience and I am proud of where I live. So with that I have decided on YYC Crafts, the YYC is the code used for the airport here in Calgary and has become quite popular whenever someone is describing something to do with Calgary.

I have only changed the name of the blog so none of my posts have been lost. I have put in a request with facebook for my page name there to be changed as well. Will also be adjusting my twitter, instagram account too.

I'm very excited about the change and am looking forward to what the future may bring.

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