June 03, 2017

Thank You Teachers!

Hello Everyone!

Today I am sharing a thank you gift I made for my daughter's teachers. I did make two of these the themes were the same just the frames were different colours.

I found these wooden frames from Michaels with the dividers in them already. I knew I soon as I saw them what I wanted to do with them. The ideas for a few of the squares I had in mind right away, like the chalkboard, the piece of chalk is actually paper rolled up and the edges round in to look like a piece of chalk. The tree was something I wanted to do right away too oh and the square with the girl and boy silhouette charms. As I started creating the other ideas just start coming. This was really fun to do. I actually found two more frames recently, I know what I want to do with them I just haven't found the time to start yet. I really love this idea, it's like mini scrapbook pages all in one for display. 

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